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About Anton
photographer Anton Puttemans Anton Puttemans is a Belgian living in Italy where he dropped anchor after years of traveling and yacht racing. At the moment he skippers a sail yacht in Portofino, Italy.

Anton's passions are technology, photography, video, web development mixed with water sports, surf, sail, kite,..
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GoPro waterfootage featured in Pro Surfer Video

A while ago I got a message from Quirin, Marlon Lipke's manager who had seen a GoPro video I put on YouTube, shot on 17 december at Varazze. Just when I swam out Marlon screamed by but I managed to shoot him riding a tube.

Quirin asked me if they could use my shot for their "Weekend Warrior" series and so I uploaded him the clip under CC license. (...)

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Varazze skate 7924
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Varazze Skate 7744
Varazze Skate 7671-2
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Varazze Skate 7636
Varazze Skate 7604

Varazze, finally another surf session

After a winter with virtually no waves (my last shoot was 20 januari), it looks like finally there will be something this weekend. Maybe also end of next week. Nothing big but hey I take anything..

I am charging my batteries and preparing my gear.
Got a nice pair of pro bodyboard flippers as well thanks to the guys at Varazze Surf Shop that I am eager to try out tomorrow.

I actually thought I would get some surf the whole (...)

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Surf Varazze 8685
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Surf Varazze 8368

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